Manufacturer of ingredients
for cosmetics and household chemicals

Company history

The history of the company dates back to 1985, when a craft business "Wytwórnia Chemiczna" (Chemical Plant) was founded in Sobowidz. In 1988 the firm was transformed into ALCHEM S.A. In 1989 a subsidiary was formed under the name of CHEMCO Spółka z o.o. which focused on manufacturing car care products, while ALCHEM produced semi-finished products for cosmetics. Thanks to the implementation of its own original and unique on a national scale technologies, ALCHEM company gained a status an ‘innovation implementation unit’ . Semi-finished products manufactured by us replaced their counterparts imported by the cosmetic industry at that time.

Our business

In 1990 both businesses merged, leaving the name CHEMCO Spółka z o.o. Since 2001 we have introduced changes to our production and now we focus on manufacturing:

  • betaine derivatives,
  • sulfosuccinates,
  • amine oxides
  • mono- and di-etanoloamides.

DAnother branch of our production focuses on:

  • liquid and solid esters,
  • emulsifiers and emollients.

On order to satisfy our clients fully we ensure prompt completion of orders and quotes, high quality of products and negotiable prices.

On request we develop products which are not specified in our offer. We provide samples together with complete documentation and assist with expert advice.

CHEMCO remains a family-run business with 100% Polish capital. Currently we employ 49 people. Among our clients are over 200 companies from all over Poland, mainly large manufacturers, but also small, family-run businesses and distributors such as Ciech, Ovelrack and Standard. Moreover, we export around 30% of our products to countries like Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Germany, the Czech Republic, RSA, Russia.

The aim of our activity is to satisfy our clients. We are doing our best to achieve this by:

  • Manufacturing products of the highest quality,
  • Handling orders promptly, and
  • Dispatching products to the recipient’s warehouse within 24 hours.
In 2017 we obtained an ISO9001 CERTIFICATE.

We look forward to cooperating with you

CHEMCO: Surfactants for the production of cosmetics and household chemicals